Have you thought about how much income you will need on a monthly basis during your retirement years?

My practice is built on passion for providing my clients a top shelf experience making sure they always have someone who will keep in touch and that they will have someone to continue with them as we solve their financial concerns. After understanding your situation, I will continue to educate you and provide value.

I understand how important your retirement is to you and I respect your assets, no matter how small.

With over a decade of experience in Medicare and Retirement I add value by relieving uncertainty in unpredictable medical expenses, or health insurance costs when building a customized retirement income plan.

As a trusted rescource I help you calculate your social security benefits, guide you on what your Medicare health insurance and drug plan options are, and help you choose a Medicare health insurance plan that best fits your individual needs.  I can also help educate you on your options in retirement and how much income you will need going forward on a monthly basis.