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Candy Flynn

Candy Flynn

Financial Advisor

(518) 373-7322

I am focused on helping individuals work through crucial retirement decisions, such as:

  • Considering applying for social security benefits or should you wait?
  • Wondering what your full retirement age is so you don't get penalties and lose money based off an allowed income threshold?
  • Thinking about how you will replace your paycheck when you fully transition into retirement, or how long the retirement income can last?
  • Need advice on what will your current tax situation will be in retirement?
  • Need advice on how to manage your portfolio so you can minimize risk and maximize returns?
  • What are the rules and timelines for when you have to apply for Medicare?
  • When should you apply for Medicare if you are working past 65?
  • Can you keep your current health plan working past 65?
  • What will your insurance costs be when you leave your employer and have your spouse covered on your current plan who is not 65?
  • How much will Medicare premiums cost based on your income?
  • Confused on whether you should choose a Medicare advantage plan or a Medicare supplement plan with drug coverage?
  • Need advice on which Medicare insurance plan to choose based off of your specific individual needs, including costs for prescriptions and making sure your doctors and hospitals are covered?
  • What Medicare covers when it comes to in home care, or long-term care, and what it doesn't, will you need additional coverage?
  • Do you keep your 401k/403b with your employer or transfer it to an IRA?